Elizabeth has some of the pride and most of the prejudice. Darcy has most of the pride and some of the prejudice. But that is not all there is to the story. Every type of human character is depicted in the pages of the novel.

Character is an expression of what people value. Traditional ideas about status and class distinctions are beginning to give way to money as a dominant value. Status is still valued higher than achievement. Truthfulness is one of the high values of upper classes in society. Education is valued only as a cultural endowment, not as a qualification for practical accomplishment. Every character in the story is influenced by these values.

Some of the characters in the story are social characters, whose lives are determined and directed by the prevailing habits, fashions, beliefs, attitudes, opinions and values of the society in which they live. Their conduct is determined by the expectations of society. They act and live within its norms. Those whose beliefs, attitudes and values are determined internally by the strength of their own convictions may be said to possess individual character. These are individuals with developed minds and formed characters of their own stamp. The capacity not to lie, dissipate or follow silly fashions, just because society permits and even honors them, are expressions of individual character. Individual character expresses mind and values, not just manners and acceptable behaviors.

In Pride and Prejudice, who are the social characters, who are the individual characters? How do these characters interact with each other? How do the predominant values in society influence these characters and their behavior? How can one explain why after being knighted, Sir Lucas gives up business for a life of socializing. Bingley's father acquired his wealth in trade, so why does Bingley give it up and pride himself on his lack of exertion. Why is Wickham allowed to be the only one in the story who lies with abandon. Why does Darcy feel culpable for concealing Jane's presence in London from Bingley, after all, he did not tell a lie. Charlotte is good natured, but why is money her primary drive? How are Darcy and Elizabeth spearheading a social evolution?

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