Becoming Jane is the story of Jane Austen's brief romance with Thomas Langlois Lefroy. Bearing a striking resemblance to Pride and Prejudice, the story is said to be the very inspiration for writing it! Jane comes from a large family of limited means. Her mother is obsessed with getting her married, and there is no dearth of rich suitors, but Jane wants to marry for love. And her love is the good-hearted rogue Tom she cannot marry because neither has the money.

Almost every character in the movie reminds one of one or more in Pride and Prejudice. Jane is absolutely like Elizabeth Benent. Tom is mostly Darcy, but also Wickham and Bingley in places. Cassandra is similar to Jane Bennet. Mr. and Mrs.Austen are Mr. and Mrs.Bennet. Lady Gresham must have been the model for Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Do you see any more similarities? How far from the truth is the movie? Did Jane really want to marry Tom? Would she have ever consented to an elopement? When every character in Pride and Prejudice has his or he wish fulfilled, why doesn't Jane? Send in your comments to prideandprejudice.info@gmail.com

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