Rhonda Bryne's The Secret tells you how to get anything you want - happiness, health, wealth, good relationships, anything. The movie and the book based on the movie call the law of attraction the great secret of life. The mind can achieve anything it aspires for, regardless of the current circumstances. It simply attracts to it what it wants, thinks about and feels for intensely.

What is Mrs.Bennet's most predominant thought? Eligible young men to marry her daughters. And they come from all over England to the neighborhood. A glance at the table below shows what the main characters in Pride and Prejudice thought and felt for most, and who they got as marriage partners.

Jane pleasing manners, good nature Bingley
Elizabeth good character, respect, love, intelligence Darcy
Charlotte money, security   Collins
Lydia wildness, charm, good looks Wickham

Didnt they all get just what they wanted?
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